First Aid Kit

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A discreet biker based first aid kit designed to sit inside our Pro Mount for quick and easy access.

Being completely waterproof you don't have to worry about this First Aid Kit whilst riding in the rain.

Snug enough to stay put whilst riding but easy and quick enough to access in case of emergency's.

Contents include;

1 X Gel Burn Dressing
1 X Emergency Foil Blanket
1 X Tweezers
1 X Scissors
2 X Sterile gauze
1 X PBT elastic bandage
1 X Triangular bandage
1 X Non-woven fabric adhesive tape
10 X Safety pin
10 X Alcohol pad
5 X Band-aid
4 X Iodine pad
1 X Emulsion tourniquet
20 X Cotton Swabs
1 X First Aid Bag
1 X Dry Bag


*Not suitable for use with the Mini Mount*