Himalayan Pro Mount

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Introducing our Pro Mount. Bigger, heavier and built to handle off-road abuse!

Select the Side Panel Decals to suit the colour of your Himalayan

Why is the Mount so high? A. Lower mounts mean anything you put on the mount will block your view of the instrument panel, that's not the case with the Pro Mount.

Mounting large GPS units, phones or any other handlebar accessories has never been easier, its 6" long carbon bar lets you mount more than one while making sure you can still view the speedo and tachometer.

Manufactured from laser cut 3mm aluminium and then powdered coated in matte black featuring a discreet green, orange and white accent to celebrate the Himalayans Indian ancestry. 

Painstakingly hand constructed from 51 separate parts, we construct each Pro Mount up as much as possible before shipment, meaning you just have to turn six bolts and wire in the USB.

The Pro mount has a 22mm real carbon fibre bar and is fitted complete with CB10 coated A2 grade bolts for the bar and windscreen.

Designed to hinge forward in the event of a collision the Pro mount is crash safe.

An incorporated switched dual port USB socket discreetly hidden behind the clocks lets you power any USB device you want. The switch allows you to break the circuit in case it is wired directly to the battery.

A stainless steel counterweight mounted within the carbon fibre bar combined with rubber fittings between parts helps iron out the Himalayans vibrations.

Cable Management is integrated into the Pro Mount with a cable holder situated above the USB Port helping to keep loose wires tidy.

To allow freedom of choice, where USB positive and negative cables are wired is left up to each individual customer.

Don't forget to also order our First Aid Kit which is designed to sit inside the Pro Mount for quick and easy access in case of emergencies.


Made and designed in England.

Install time: 15 mins + wiring time.

Please note;

A. The screen must be mounted in the forward position with this mount, removing the USB Port however would allow you to have the screen in the backward position.

B. The Himalayan likes to vibrate, some vibration with the mount is inevitable.