Pannier Table Top

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Our Pannier Table Top has been designed to work specifically with Royal Enfield's aluminium panniers.

Cleverly retaining the same shape as the inside of the pannier means that when stored it effectively takes up no space whatsoever inside.

When compared to a traditional folding camping table - where even a small one can take up to 4000cm3, ours takes up just 264cm3, a reduction of over 15 times the valuable volume consumed, leaving space for other items you otherwise wouldn't have.

As it is not only designed to be stored inside the pannier, but also sit on top of and connect onto them, the Table Top is also much sturdier than traditional units.

Additionally, the set up time is almost zero, there's no need to mess around with fiddly poles and folding parts. Just pull it out, space your panniers accordingly and set it down. Job done.

Made of 2mm laser cut aluminium incorporating folded sides for strength, the Table Top is incredibly robust and of superior quality, all whilst being half the price of similar products on the market.

It can be used a cook surface, chopping board or side table, as well as being useable as a stand alone table without the panniers when placed directly on the floor.

A must-have accessory for those that travel into the wild.