Himalayan Jerry Can Brackets (Rotopax)

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Our Jerry Can Brackets have been designed to work how Royal Enfield originally intended and will work with the generic ATV Jerry Can and the Rotopax.

Taking advantage of the welded nuts mounted the the Himalayans front frames installation is quick and easy.

4no CB10 Coated A2 Grade Stainless Bolts and Washers on each side make sure the Bracket is absolutely solid, then combined with 4no Locking Nuts to make sure they don’t vibrate loose.

We are aware not all of our customers want their Jerry Cans mounted 100% of the time, with that in mind we designed them to sit flush in the frames allowing Bags to be mounted over the top without issue.

A Satin Black Powdercoat Finish on the Laser Cut 3mm Stainless Steel helps keep them discrete whilst allowing them to blend in with the Himalayans unique aesthetic.

CB10 Coated A2 Grade Stainless Bolts, Washers and Locking Nuts are also provided to mount the ATV Jerry Cans Plastic Bracket onto ours.

Incorporated Nylon Spacers help achieve three things;

  • A secure fixing
  • No Jerry Can/Front frame contact to avoid paintwork rubbing
  • Crash protection

The spacers allow the jerry can to be tightened to its mount fully, meaning there is no jiggle or play in the cans once fitted.

In the event the bike is dropped while the Jerry Cans are mounted, the nylon spacers are designed to crush slightly helping to slow down the impact and cushion any potential damage.

Sold as either a Pair or Individually Handed.

Please note: These brackets are only compatible with the 'old' style Himalayans (Old style front frames).

Install time: 10/15 mins.

Made and designed in England